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Investigation Offices – Andreas Triplis

Knowledge is power… Information is .. an advantage!
Our prestigious Agency G.P.I. is dedicated to deliver fully documented solutions to any problem you might face, always in a responsible and discreet way. Our specialized staff is fully qualified to provide you fast with data and information that will immediately clear out your personal case. Vast experience and cutting edge electronic equipment constitute our success “recipe”.

 Our offices operate 24 hours/day. We are, also, in a position to handle cases in all Greece as well as abroad through our collaboration with foreign networks of Private Investigation Agencies.

Founder – Chief Investigator

Det. Andreas Triplis

Our office is a member of organisations such as:

  • G.S.I. (Global School of Investigators)
  • N.A.I.S. (National Association of Investigative Specialists)
  • N.A.B.E.A. (National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents)
  • I.A.C.S.P. (The International Association For Counterterrorism & Security Professionals)
  • S2   (Safety & Intelligence Institute)
  • A.B.I. (Association of British Investigators)
  • C.I.I. (Council of International Investigators)
  • W.A.D. (World Associations of Detectives)
  • W.I.N. (World Investigators Network)
  • G.I.N. (Global Investigators Network)
  • C.A.L.I. ( California Association of Licensed Investigators)
  • W.A.P.I. ( World Association of Professional Investigators)